New Windows 10 Update This Morning, Ancestry and Family Search Webhints Still Work

There was a new Windows 10 update this morning. I was a little afraid of it because the last one broke FamilySearch hints. I had installed Microsoft’s emergency fix for that problem.

In any case, I installed this morning’s Windows 10 update anyway. My Ancestry hints and my FamilySearch hints are still working after this morning’s Windows 10 update, both in RM7 and in RM8. MyHeritage hints are still not working. That problem surely has something to do with the MyHeritage site rather than having something to do with Windows 10 updates. I do not use FindMyPast hints.

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Renee wrote to me some days ago: “Confirming I’m also not seeing them. MyHeritage will turn off the Hinting API when their servers are overwhelmed. That may be why RM is not receiving them. Hopefully, they are not down as long as last time.”