Hints Not Showing From Ancestry

My Hints settings are set up to grab hints from Ancestry. When I open Ancestry outside of RM I have numerous hints for many individuals. None of them are showing up when I open the Hints window for a specific person on the People tab. I’m getting hints from FamilySearch and MyHeritage, but not Ancestry. Ideas?

Just an idea, or two, actually:

  1. Could you try, clearing the “Clear in accept” checkbox?
  2. Could you try Reset TreeShare?

My instinct says that the 1st option should be pretty safe, but I don’t know the exact consequences of the 2nd. I saw that being mentioned during the beta, but I don’t remember the exact context.

It looks like you are not logged into Ancestry from RM8. Go to , then and verify that you are logged into Ancestry.