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Can anyone PLEASE help. It seems this similar problem has been raised before, but what was suggested does not seem to work.
I have a cousin John JONES b1945, he married Alice SMITH in 1964 they had 3 children, then divorced, he then married a Sarah BROWN nee ROBERTS in 1985, Sarah was previously married to Thomas BROWN in 1962 they then divorced. Alice JONES nee SMITH (John’s first wife) then married this same Thomas BROWN in 1988, whilst these are not Blood relatives, they are part of the family history.
My question is that when producing a Narrative report, it shows the marriage for Alice SMITH and the three children, then the marriage for Sarah ROBERTS (BROWN). BUT does not pick up or show Thomas BROWN who was married to both these women, is there a way round this?

First of all, this is a hard problem. I have many times asked myself the following question. Suppose instead of using RM or any other genealogy software, I was using Microsoft Word as my genealogy software. Under these circumstances, how would I want my reports to look when it came to your particular situation? I never have a good answer.

That being said, what I do is to share Marriage and Divorce facts with each of the spouses who were married. In your case, that would make the Sarah Roberts marriage to Thomas Brown show up in Sarah’s timeline and it would make the Alice Smith marriage to Thomas Brown show up in Alice’s timeline. However, there still wouldn’t really be a timeline for Thomas Brown in the report. The only kind of solution I have been able to come up with in RM is to make a Publisher report with a main chapter that is the main report and with subsidiary chapters for outliers such as Thomas Brown. And that’s sort of the same thing I guess I would have to do in the alternate universe where I was using Microsoft Word as my genealogy software instead of RM or any other genealogy software.

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Hi Jerry, Thank you very much for your reply, really appreciated, thank goodness it’s not just me with this problem. I only use Microsoft Word to collate my notes, but it would be possible to create a Report Template, except I like RM’s Reports, and Publisher in particular, except I have to go back to RM7 to use that, never the less you have given me some ideas, will need to experiment now. Take care my friend. Bob.

Like Jerry, I use RM Publisher to generate my solution to the multiple cross-linked families conundrum. Here’s a screenshot of one of my Publisher layouts.

Hi zhangrau, that’s great, not thought of doing it that way, just tried it and it gave me the precise info I needed, thank you very much.

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And that’s why I visit here - - - to find new ideas and to share…