Media Backup RM8

When backing up the first time, all media is stored. When backing up again, does RM8 backup all again or just the new media items to the original media folder?

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When you select to backup you must chose the option to backup with media. RM8 then takes all your media from where it is stored and places it in a single folder as a part of the backup.

On subsequent backups you must repeat the process of selecting to backup with media and all the media is backed up to a single folder. There is no automatic backup of media at any point.

All media structures such as nested folders is lost during the backup and if you restore from the backup it is to a single folder.

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So on subsequent backups do we choose a different folder from the original, or do we use the same and all media files from the original backup are overwritten, with any additional files being added?

It depends on what options you select.

If you have selected “Add Date” under Program Settings then the first backup for today will be unique and if you have selected “Backup Media” all your media will be backed up in a single folder.

The second backup for today will not be unique and unless you change the file name it will overwrite the previous backup today. Unless you also select “Backup Media” your first media backup will be removed when the backup is overwritten.

In RM8 backing up media is an “All or Nothing” proposition and unless file names are unique previous backups can be overwritten.

An RM8 database is a file with an .RMTREE extension. An RM8 backup is a file with an.RMBACKUP extension.

If you backup your RM database without media, it will make a new .RMBACKUP file which contains a compressed copy of your .RMTREE file.

If you backup your RM database with media, it will make a new .RMBACKUP file which contains a compressed copy of your .RMTREE file and a compressed copy of each and every one of your media files.

Each .RMBACKUP file is a completely new file. Depending how you name it, it may overwrite the previous .RMBACKUP file or it may be a separate file. In any case, a new RMBACKUP file is not combined or merged with previous backup files in any way. For example, if you always backup with media, then each .RMBACKUP file will have a complete copy of all all your media files. The newest .RMBACKUP file will not have just the media files that have been added since the last backup. It will have all your media files.

I have now got my head around it, many thanks to you both.