Loss of Generate Report message -

Printing of Family Group Sheets was successful for a while then the “Generate Report” message failed to appear at the bottom of the details for the report. HELP I need it back again!

You may need to scroll down to see the Generate Report button. Or you may need to maximize the Family Group Sheet window. Or you may need to move the whole Family Group Sheet window up on the screen.

If your options window for generating reports is maximized, then the Generate Report button will always be on the screen, down at the bottom. But if your options window for generating reports is not maximized, Generate Report button may be off the screen and you may need to scroll to see it. If the window is not maximized, it’s also possible that the window has been moved so far down the screen that even scrolling won’t display the Generate Report button and you will have to move the window up or maximize it.

There is one other possibility, but I doubt that this is your problem. Sometimes you need to zoom your report in to make it larger and in so doing it will not fit. To make room, you can make the options panel smaller by dragging it’s right border to the left. This will make your Generate Report button disappear. If that’s the problem, then drag the right border of the Options Panel back to the right.

I probably shouldn’t editorialize in the same message where I’m answering a question, but I find RM8’s window to generate reports to be very awkward and in need of a do-over. The RM7 version was much more user friendly. It’s not just getting used to the RM8 window for generating reports. I’m used to it. But it’s still very awkward to use. It does help to keep it maximized. I can’t think of a good reason not to keep it maximized because it’s a modal window. So it’s not like you can click on another tab on the left hand side of the screen while you are generating a report. In any case, a bare minimum do-over improvement without going all the way back to the RM7 style of the generate report window would be to move the Generate Report button to the top of the screen.

Hovering the mouse pointer over the Generate Report button informs that the key combo Ctrl + Enter performs the same purpose as clicking the button.
(As an aside, the capital G of the button is underlined seeming to misleadingly hint that some key combo involving that capital G would trigger the action.)

Many thanks for your advice - Ctrl&Enter worked - I am up and running again

I maximised the Family Group Sheet selection screen, and as if by magic the Generate Report option came back into view - I am now up and running again - Many thanks