Routine for printing a FGS

This is the way I print a FGS - Family screen>highlight Father>Ctrl&P>select Family Group
Sheet from the Reports & Charts screen> choose settings>select Generate Report>
select Print.
Q1 is this the correct way to print a FGS? or is there a better way.
Q2 on occasions the Generate Report “button” is out of view necessitating the use of
Ctrl@Enter -why does this occur?

Q1. The way you are doing is probably as good as any. I usually click the Publish tab on the left side of the screen instead of using Ctrl-P. Clicking the Publish tab takes you to an introductory sort of screen that will have recently used reports available, which is usually all I need. Ctrl-P takes you all the way into a full list of available reports. Either way is really fine - just whichever you are more comfortable with.

Q2. The honest answer is that the Generate Report screen is not very well designed. It can open full screen or partial screen. If it opens partial screen, the Generate Report button is often off the bottom of the screen. Not only that, other important options that you might wish to adjust such as the Index options are also often off the bottom of the screen and you don’t even know that the options are there. In self defense, you therefore have to make the Generate Report screen full screen which in turn makes it impossible to see any other screens at the same time.

In fairness to the Generate Report screen, my sense of it is that it trying to make a good faith effort to get as much information on the screen at the same time to avoid excessive clicking and scrolling. That’s a noble goal, but in my opinion the goal was not achieved. The RM7 version of the same screen was smaller and clickier, but in spite of the clickiness of the equivalent RM7 screen, it was much easier to use than the RM8 screen. In my humble opinion.

Still in my humble opinion - even the initial screen that you get via the Publish tab has its problems. As I said, it’s really like a list of recent reports so that most of the time you don’t have to select from the full list of all reports. But most “Recently used …” lists are in a nice vertical format that’s easy to read and where the recent items are easy to find. But RM8’s “recently used …” list in the Publish screen is not labelled as such and is not in a nice vertical format that’s easy to read. Instead, the items are scattered all over the screen and they can be very hard to find since they can move around so much. Please don’t move my cheese!

What’s really needed instead on the initial Publish screen is a Favorites list and a Recently Used list, both in a nice vertical format that’s easy to read. And hard as it is to believe, there really is such a thing as screens that are hard to read because the fonts are too large. The fonts on the Publish screen are far too large.

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Hi Jerry,
Thanks for your full reply. I understand that which you have told me and am happy with your response. I have a vague recollection of you advising me that a picture of myself could be a useful addition to my profile. Please let me know the procedure and I will get on to it.