print a basic family group sheet

is there a way to print a basic family group sheet without printing the index?

Yes! In RM7 when you are setting up the FGS print, there will be an Index button on the right side. Make sure to unmark both Place Index and Name index.

On RM 8, You have to look at the bottom, left of the report settings. There will be a ‘References’ section. Click the Index line, and again, you need to make sure that the Name and Place indexes are set to no index. You can make that selection by clicking the Format line.

The place you need to look is likely to be scrolled off the bottom of your screen. So you may need to scroll down or else make report screen be full screen.

So I went into the index, birth, place, and sources, endnotes screens, and unchecked all the boxes. But it still prints the index.