Failure to generate reports

These are the steps that led to my problem -
Display family on screen
Highlight father
Select Publish
Select Family Group Sheet
Select Generate Report
The problem -
instead of getting a report that I could print I got the following -
Unexpected Error screen
Runtime error 217 004E85F9

So the question is what can I do to get this fixed,? I have a growing number of FGS to print

Mervyn Buckingham

This was a problem if you downloaded 8.2.5 prior to 7 am Mountain time on September 7th. Re-download RM as it was corrected.

Hello Alaine,
Thanks for you rapid response. I now know the cause of my problem - not me or my laptop or my printer - all of which have been under suspicion for the last week. However I do not know how to “Re-download RM as it was corrected”. My home page tells me that I have the updated version,, and I can see no way to reload.
Sorry to bother you again,

Download from HERE and install.

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BobC is correct; download 8.2.5 direct from the RM site and run through the install program. It will add the missing files from the previous update.

Alaine - many thanks - its great to be “back in business” - Mervyn

Bob - many thanks, it worked - Mervyn