New Update 2.8.5 - Reports

Have just updated this. However, when trying to run reports the program now crashes with ‘Runtime Error 217 at 004E85F9’. Any ideas?

Try uninstalling, download from website, reinstall. If that fails, repeat but revert to the previous version until the next update.

We are aware of a problem with the new Windows update (8.2.5) when creating reports. We have tracked it down to an issue with a DLL we updated when creating the installer. This issue does not affect the Mac version (which doesn’t use the DLL). It only affects users who downloaded the Windows update BEFORE 7 AM Mountain Time this morning.

We have updated the installers with the original DLL.

If you have already downloaded 8.2.5 for Windows, go to:
and click “RootsMagic 8.2.5 Installer” to download the new install, then run the downloaded file (make sure RM8 is not running when you run the installer). Mac users do not need to do this.

If you haven’t already downloaded 8.2.5, just check for updates as usual.

Done that, now fine. Thanks.

I think if you are using the UK version, then you should deinstall, run the original installer then apply the update. (The above link is for the Non-UK version!)

Thank you - all is well now!