Is it possible to convert people, already in RM, to associates?

I have succesfully imported a Legacy FT database, but that db itself was a Gedcom conversion from a program that allowed associates to be added, just like RM 9 does. Now they are in the RMTREE as people, not associates. Is it already possible to convert these people to their rightful ‘role’ as associate? Or… is this a feature request?

What I found out yesterday is that if you have associations in a database and then do a gedcom or drop and drag, the associations are not included-- have asked the group if I missed something BUT no reply-- however I will suggest that you check to see that associations is turned on ( as well as shared facts) just in case it would work for you…
Select one person in your database–click on the person to get their page to open up–next to the + is 3 dots-- click on that then click on OPTION-- make sure that Associations and Shared Events have a check mark— as far as I know, this should change the settings for the whole database BUT not sure

Yes, that changes the settings in the Edit Person screen for the whole database, not just for that one person. But it has nothing to do with the transfer of Associations in GEDCOM. That feature is missing, which means it’s also missing for drag and drop.

They have to be in the database to be persons with which an Association fact/event can be made with another person. In GEDCOM, that fact/event tag is ASSO. If you open up the .LST file created when you imported the GEDCOM and having the same name as your database, you should see the things that RM did not recognise because of its tag name or because of its place in the structure. Use a text editor such as NotePad++ which provides line numbers to help find them. That might give you the info you would need to reconstruct them if you cannot view them in a platform that did support them. I’m confident that it’s only a matter of time (months?, years?) before RM does import and export Associations.