GEDCOM 7.0 Import in RM9

It looks like RM9 imports GEDCOM 7.0 files okay, at least at some level. How solid is the import? Are there some particular things to watch out for?


Good to see you’re still interested in RM. Have you developed any more utilities?

Hi, Tom. It’s good to be in touch with you again as well. Yes, I’m still using RootsMagic. Right now I’m volunteering for FamilySearch in Europe helping them gather and process records from cameras in archives across Europe. I’ve built some utilities for use in converting data in regional family books in Germany into GEDCOM format which can be imported into RootsMagic (and other programs), but they’re not for general use yet. That’s what prompted the GEDCOM 7.0 question.


I see FH7 supports GEDCOM 7 in/out.

Yes, and a large group of German programs do as well.

RM9 still exports only 5.5.1. With FamilySearch promoting 7, I’m sure RM will follow, sooner or later.

Do you know if 7 has the structures to support RM’s shared events and the new Associations?

The short answer is yes. Technical details follow.

Associations should be fine using the ASSO (association) tag (see GEDCOM spec 7.0.10, page 40). User-defined associations would be possible using the subordinate ROLE OTHER with a subordinate PHRASE describing the role. The possibility of using a void pointer (@VOID@) allows you to have associations with people that aren’t included as individuals in the file.

I’m not sure how shared events are best handled with GEDCOM 7.0. RM handles it right now with a custom _SHAR tag. I think a custom tag (which is supported with GEDCOM 7.0) would be required here as well. The clean way to do this would be to have a SEVENT record similar to the SNOTE (shared note) record. It could then have a cross reference which would be pointed to by shared events within individuals or families. The current standard doesn’t support this, but it sounds like a good suggestion. Perhaps I’ll send it along to the standards group.

I imported the maximal70.ged file from Tools for FamilySearch GEDCOM - FamilySearch GEDCOM and the ASSO tag, among many others, was not recognised by RM9.

Before that, I asked ChatGPT to generate a sample v7 GEDCOM file with an Association - it did, albeit missing the 0 TRLR tag!

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Is there a way to import a book profile from RM7 Publisher to RM9 Publisher? Importing a database from RM7 to RM9 does not import my 40+ books.

You should never jump on an existing topic with a question not relevant to the topic you hijacked. Start a new topis instead which will make sure your question does not get lost and ignored.

But the answer is no, there is no way to transfer your books. They have to be recreated.