Import GEDCOM from Family Historian

I try to import GEDCOM file from Family Historian to RM 9. It is OK, but I miss address. I don’t know why this data is not copied. In FH I wrote ther address where person was born.

How can I move this in RM9 without wrote every name again?

If you entered the address in the Description field in the Birth event, check the RM Fact Type List to see if that field has been enabled for the Birth fact type. If not, enable it.

I just tried this about two hours ago and it works fine. Are you using the FH7 Export plugin. There are dozens of options which can be set and it is possible something needs to be tweaked. If you check the GEDCOM file you imported you should see the ADDR tag following the PLAC tag where you added addresses.

2 SOUR @S460@
2 DATE 28 NOV 1898
2 PLAC , Boston, , Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
2 ADDR 13 Dwight Street

I believe RootsMagic stilll always creates a GedcomName.LST file (in the same folder as the gedcom) upon .GED import. If there was an address in the gedcom that it could not import… there will be a line in that .LST file that reads as Unknown info (line XXXX)

Thank You for answer but i’m not sure that I understand it. In my fact type list in RM I have Birth fact type and it is enabled (field Place:Yes). Problem is that in FH I wrote in field address under Facts and this field don’t came with GEDCOM.

Thank You “hkcraswell” but I don’t understand answer. Where can I check Gedcom file and where can I found ADDR tag? In FM I use export Gedcom file and everything is enabled. But when I import this file to RM I miss data which I wrote in address place in FH.

You said

In order to import a GEDCOM file, I assume you must have exported a GEDCOM file out of FH in order to import it into RM9. You should be able to open that file with Notepad or or some other text editor. Then search for the string ADDR you should see a structure similar to the example I showed you above. If you cannot find those structures then the problem is somewhere in the way you exported the GEDCOM. If you do find these structures then there may be a problem with the way RM is importing it.

I’m fairly certain that Family Historian stores its data in a GEDCOM file, so there shouldn’t be any need to “export.”

The FH project file is a modified GEDCOM file and you may be able to directly import from it. But because of the modifications you are very likely to lose data or have problems importing. That is why FH provides its own export facility as well as supporting a very powerful and extensive export plugin facility built by a power user. I would contend there is very definitely a need to “export”.

Hi Simon:
Family Historian has a special plugin that you need to install called “Export Gedcom File.” You can install it from their plugin page. Just run FH and double click on it after downloading. (download from:

You want to make sure you set the Gedcom Destination to RMT Rootsmagic Tree:

I have exported numerous times to RM with it and it works great.