Association Error

more like a feature update— In a previous post

Well after spending quite a while making a CUSTOM ASSOCIATION FACT, I realized I need to make a new database due to another error ( no names in Index)-- and made a GEDCOM and imported it…

There was NO ASSOCIATIONS IN THE NEW DATABASE-- thought the problem was because it was a customized association fact-- so used one that was already in there-- and again NO ASSOCIATIONS LISTED in the new database…

I know somebody will ask and yes the 2nd database has Show Associations checked


So please tell me WHAT am I missing or do we need an UPDATE

Yup, which I guess you’ve edited the front end of your post to say…

Actually no Tom-- after hitting reply-- a message popped up that said the name for the subject had to be at least 15 letters long-- thus the edit on the name of the post

Associations are not included in GEDCOM or drag n drop. Import Lists doesn’t included custom Associations Fact Type list. All of these have been reported to development.

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