RM9 Associations Function

I’m really excited about the possibilities that the new RM9 associations features provide – it looks as if it’s going to be a really useful tool to organise and further our research!

I’ve started using the feature and notice that the Associations Fact does not report on the Fact Type List report. When I choose a list type of “people with a fact type” and select “Association” and include “Everyone”, I receive a blank report.

Also there does not seem to be the option to include Associations in the Individual Summary Report (similar to the option where we can choose to include parents, and spouses and children). Further, the fact type “Associations” is not included in the report as the other facts are.

Apologies if I’ve overlooked something with the reporting.

And I’m wondering if the following enhancements could also be considered for development:

  • Add the fact proof option to the Association fact type (ie. blank, proven, disproven, disputed)

  • When we’re working with Associates, we’re often flicking from one Edit Person screen to the other. For ease of use, could we have the Associates listed at the top of the page (similar to how Spouse and Parents are displayed) so we can switch to the relevant associate quickly. Possibly, Associates could be a display option as I’m guessing some users may not want their screen cluttered at the top in this way.

Really looking forward to exploring the new feature and a big thank you to all the team at Roots Magic for enabling it to happen – thank you!

Did you note that the associate appeares in the edit person screen? You can click on that associate to bring them up in the right pane of the edit window. Also did you note that Associations have a couple of their own reports?

Thanks so much @kfunk but I’m not sure if I’m following correctly.

When I select the Associate in the right hand pane it takes me to the Roots Magic Explorer screen. When I select the Associate, it actually just takes me right back to the person I had to start with (not the Associate). I’m sorry that I’m not explaining this very well, but other than having another Edit Person window open (which really isn’t a big deal, but you’ve got the limit of three), I’ve not been able to quickly find a way to pivot from one Associate to another.

With regards to the reporting, I did view the Associate List (both Relationship and Individual), but just noted that the Fact Type list report doesn’t seem to be working as intended, and thought that the Individual Report would provide the option of including Associates. I feel these could be valid enhancements.

Thanks Kenneth for all your input (not just on this thread but overall, you provide very valuable advice and insight!).

I could be wrong but my sense is that associations are different from facts (ie not something stored in the fact type table). I don’t have sqlite on this machine and am looking forward to see the rm9 table structures at https://sqlitetoolsforrootsmagic.com/ .

ok - jut found this - new FanTable and FanTypeTable for associations. Thanks @TomH !

Jill have you looked at Associates in the Fact List? When you hit edit, the existing Associate lists appear to be set up like roles. I’m interested to see if there any correlation between Associates and Roles.

Hi @alainemk, yes, I’ve been entering the Associates using the “add fact” function (the big plus sign at the top of the Edit Person screen), rather than adding by right clicking on the person in the Family / Pedigree view etc.

Given that the Associates are also a fact type, I thought that they’d “behave” like our other facts and be reported in a similar way. I can see that they’re not your “standard” fact but wonder if development could consider how they can be reported as such (eg. in the Fact Type list and the Individual Summary report).

I’m really excited about this new feature as I use FAN’s extensively and it’s progressed my research so much.

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This is apparently where I lose comprehension, because they aren’t facts and don’t appear in the Fact Type list (the window you get when you click + at the top of the edit person window. Image below! They do appear in the person’s edit window, just like your standard facts, but they aren’t really facts.

Getting the Most Out of RM9 is scheduled to arrive here tomorrow. I’m looking forward to reading more about it. Bruce’s video was informative but clearly there are a lot more details that need an explanation.

That’s really funny @kfunk because I’ve been adding Associates by using the Add Fact function. See the screen shot below taken when I use the + sign at the top of the Edit Person screen. That’s really weird that we have two different screen shots. I’m using the full version (do you perhaps have the essentials version - that might explain the difference?)


I have the full version. I will create a new file as the one I am working with was converted from RM8.

I was thinking perhaps that was a RM8 screenshot by accident.

Yes, I’m working on a file that was converted from RM8 as well. I’m a little confused why we’ve got such different screen shots and now I think I’ve done something wrong to create all this confusion.

I watched Bruce’s video on Associates and seem to recall that there were two ways to add Associates, with one being through the fact type list. I’ll watch it again to see where I’ve gone wrong (although the Associates are listing in the Edit Person screen, and I’ve also created my own Associate type too: Co-Immigrants).

Brand new database and guess what???

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Ah hah! :sweat_smile: I’m glad you’ve got it all added now, but I’m wondering why it happened in the first place.

It isn’t added to the database that matters though. I am not going to reenter 40,000+ people just to get it to show in the facts list.

Perhaps try creating an Association by right clicking on someone in the People list view and select Add, Association. Then see if that spawns an entry in the fact type list.

So I went to my RM8 data folder, copied another database over to my RM9 datafolder. Opened it in RM9, went through the conversion process and presto! This file also has an Association fact in the list.

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does it show up now in your main db where it was missing before?

Ok, I think I have this narrowed down. The RM9 file that has no Association fact was not copied from RM8 but instead was imported from a RM7 file. I tried another import of a RM7 file and again, no Association fact.

So apparently if you come in with an RM8 file, it works but a RM7 file does not!

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interesting sounds like a missing step in the rm7 conversion process.

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