Move facts from one person to another?

Sometimes I find I have entered a certain fact or event for the wrong person. Is it possible to cut (or copy) from the wrong person and paste it to the correct person? Or is there any other way to move a fact or event around?

No, there isn’t any way. It is a manual operation.

Outside of the RM UI, yes. One is by exporting GEDCOM, editing it and then importing to a new file. Another would involve SQLite ops directly on the database. Without some custom utility to ease the process, it’s probably more trouble than recreating the fact/event in the right person and deleting from the original.

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A feature to copy a fact to another person is not available now would be a significant enhancement. When entering census records, I use the share feature but sadly it isn’t compatible with the Ancestry TreeShare API or with some reports. It would greatly improve a users productivity if the RM8 fact “share feature” could present the user with an option to “share” or “duplicate” the fact with each witness selected.

Back in the RM6 or 7 era, I banged my head against this goal and came up with an almost complete solution for mass conversion of shared events to individual ones. It’s broken in RM8, needing a fair bit of modification due to the changes in database structure. If you are interested, see

Tom, I looked at your SQL work and admittedly you did a lot of work. My goal is slightly different in that I think RM8 could offer a “duplicate” event option to create a new row in the event and related tables for each witness selected in the share process. You have done a lot of thinking about this issue as a conversion of shared event. The ideal would be to code it directly into RM8 in the fact share process. BTW, I do share witnesses for Baptism events if they attend the ceremony but if an event can be shared with a witness role, it should be able to be duplicated with the same role sentence. Thanks for your comments.

Of course. Much of my efforts with SQLite has been to demonstrate the possible, in the hope that RM would render my workarounds obsolete by incorporating the desired functionality. To say that I’ve been disappointed might be an understatement.

I’m not so sure about incorporating it in the fact/event Share process. Arguably, RM could convert shared events on the fly with TreeShare, FSFT, GEDCOM and other outputs; RM8 does that with reused Citations. Having both shares and copies in the database inevitably raises the problem of synchronisation; again, similar issue between Citation Pastes and Reuses.

My scripts allow one to keep both the shares and the converted events. User’s choice as to which to delete.

Tom, thanks for your feedback. Perhaps one day RM will accommodate a fact copy feature.