Unable to share facts with multiple people

Am I missing something? I only see an option to add one person at a time when sharing a fact.
If it’s not an option yet, I request that it be added.

In RM7, adding multiple people is an option. But I think that could be enhanced, and I’ll bet others have already requested this. For many facts (such as census), I’d like to see the family members right away so I can select them more easily than in RM7 which requires to “go to selected person” for each person to be added. So if RM8 could add multiple people more easily, that would be great.


Good point, Debbie! This is how I share a residence/census fact as well.


You can share a fact with multiple people very easily. Just click in the far right column for the fact. Click share fact. Then select everyone you want to share it with.

Just remember shared facts do not share when using a Gedcom file.

Are you able to select multiple people, or only one at a time?

Side note, while trying to add someone, RM8 just froze up.

Like Debbie, I can only select one person at a time using this method, Gary. :frowning:


You can’t share with multiple people like you could in RM7. It has to be done 1 person at a time.


Yep, It is one at a time. I never share facts for two reasons. If you delete one it deletes them all and they won’t transfer if a gedcom file. I just create a new one for each person then reuse the source.

You beat me to it. This is a MUST HAVE. Big regression from RM7


I don’t think it is as easy as it was previously - you have to select each person individually which means typing in a name multiple times (extremely tedious for census returns with many family members) rather than clicking a check box next to each name and there is no family view which makes locating a family quicker.

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I want to add a +1 to the suggestion that when you go to the selection screen to add MULTIPLE PEOPLE, it should home the search list the primary person to which the fact is being added instead of homing to the beginning of the list. In a lot of cases, particularly censuses, this would greatly simplify the selection process.

But selecting multiple people must be added either way.

When “share” was introduced, I decided not to go back and redo all my 20+ years work just to “share” Census, Baptisms, etc. events. As noted they aren’t included in Gedcom. So this isn’t a deal breaker for me. But it is different in 8 than 7.

You still need to select them one at a time. Click the Plus, find the person, add, and edit role. rinse and repeat

I mostly don’t share facts anymore EXCEPT when I do. I have an “obit” event that I add to the deceased person and source it. Then I go to each person referenced in the obit and add and source any information gleaned for them from the obit === and color code them (I was using Silver). I didn’t really care about roles and created no sentences for them. I just want to see in their views that they appeared in so-and-so’s obit.

When done with all that, I went back to the obit event and shared it with everyone colored “silver”. Then I went to the color module (ctrl+c in RM7) and cleared the color for all “silver” people. Easy Peasy.

This muck in RM8 is for the birds.

They do with software that recognises RM’s custom GEDCOM tags such as:

Application Converts Preserves Description
Family Historian 7 X Full family tree/genealogy software
GedSite X Generates website from GEDCOM
GedView X GEDCOM editor/viewer for iOS
Heredis 2021 X Full family tree/genealogy software
Legacy Family Tree X Full family tree/genealogy software

Converts : converts shared events into individual ones
Preserves : converts RM shared events into application’s version of shared events.

Above table from:

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Cant see Share Fact when right clicking in any column in a persons various facts.
Only options is Add New Fact and Delete Selected Fact.
Am I in the wrong place?

Sharing Facts - RootsMagic Wiki

Thanks. Finally read and understod.

Updated the wiki page to include the option “Share fact (multiple)” .

The “share with multiple people” option in RM7 did not work well for me. You could select multiple people, but the order selected was not preserved. They were alpha sorted. I like to have the “shared” list in birth order to match “most” census records. What I do now with RM8 is make sure all the children of the primary person (the one I add the census fact to) exist and then use the RIN to select the children in the order I want them. This may not be perfect, but works for me.

I am not seeing where order has any relevance to anything here. The shared fact will show on each persons edit window and as far as I know there is no reporting issues with the order that they were added. Each shared individual will have their own shared fact in the printout. Maybe I am missing something here, if so, can you post a screen shot showing what problems the order might cause?