Feeling stupid - how to do anything

I’m just trying to get started with RM but everything seems so laborious, particularly allocating UK Census data to each family member.
I have 5 years of data collected from FMP, the GEDCOM file has transferred across to RM but now I need to connect all the data I collected from FMP to the RM tree, but it feel like this is going to take years. Am I missing something obvious? Is there a really simple way of linking census info to all the family?
Feeling stupid and overwhelmed.

The method I use is to create a Residence (or census) fact with census and source information. Then I share the fact with others in the census record. You can share the fact in the edit person view by clicking on the resident (or census) fact, then under the Fact Items in the right (or left) panel, click on the shared line, then click on the “+” at the top to add one or more persons who share the census record. These shared events can then be displayed and reported for the primary person(s) and the shared person. Make sure the option “Show shared events” box is checked for the Edit screes view so they will display. Once you get used to sharing facts, they are quick to do.

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RM7 had a quicker way of adding more than one person to a shared fact. You can select multiple people. In RM8, you can only add one person at a time.

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@mapleleaf You are so correct. The single assignment share is not as good as the RM7 multi-person share in one operation. Almost all census records list several people in the family that should be able to be shared in a single RM8 operation. I’m with you that this RM7 feature needs to be in RM8…


This is the methodology I use - I’ve a few thousand UK censuses in my database. I have created a unique Fact Type for each census (and, incidentally, a unique source for each census type to enable very specific references to be recorded). I record the Census Fact in the Head of the Family’s record and then share the fact with the rest of the family, recording each member’s role (son, mother, lodger, etc). It’s worked fine for me in RM7, but two minus points: (1) The role of the person under whom the census is entered is not able to be recorded (unless anyone knows different - I haven’t looked too hard for a solution) (2) Once rolls are specified for a Fact, they can’t be reordered, so it’s best to devise a standard list and record the roles in the same order for each of the 1841 to 1921 census facts types when they are created. Otherwise you’ll be scrolling up and down the list to find a particular role in different censuses (though you could start typing in the role name to find a match). I’m not up to speed with RM8 but I think this still applies.