Family census-records

Working with census records, I often use the census (family) fact, as it is automatically added to both man and wife. But adding the children is time consuming. I share the census fact with each of the children registered in that particular census record, but it requires search and find for each of them (and in a large database with lots of Hans Andersen’s and Anders Hansen’s, it can be difficult to sort out the right son).

It would help a lot, if you were presented with a list of registered children when sharing family census records.



Show the RIN / peopleIDs alongside the name. It an optional setting.
Keep the family view open while adding people to share. and use the peopleID to find the person in the DB. Much easier than typing a name.
Of course, a point and click feature would be appreciated. If I see the person on the screen, why do I have to remember their name or RIN to specify then in the share window. I should be able to just click on the person to add.

I agree. Using the census (family) fact - at least as I currently understand it - really only saves the one step of including the wife. Adding the same info to the children is a pain as it is for now. I would hope in some future iteration of RM8 there could be a pop-up or something similar to make this less time consuming.

I have been using the census family fact exclusively for the parents in each census, but I am thinking very hard about converting them all to individual census facts. This is to make them compatible for other programs that may not handle family census facts. Even when updating the Ancestry tree with tree share causes the family fact to be broken into two individual facts within Ancestry. I really don’t think I gain much from using the family fact. If anyone has an idea why the census family fact should be used, I would like to hear it.

Yes, yes, yes!! This would be so helpful.

In RM7 you could go to the share button, choose multiple, then find the father or mother and select add family, then chose as a parent with children. This will select all of the children and you would have to either deselect or delete from final any children that weren’t there.

Oh - also in RM7 - when I was working a large obituary I would go through every person mentioned and add new people as necessary, changing the person color to one used only for this purpose (silver, in my case). At the end everyone mentioned is silver.

Then go to share on the event, multiple, by data field, set it for color code silver and everyone get added.
Then go to color coding and remove color for anyone who is silver in much the same way.

I hope this translates to RM8 because I use this trick a lot.