Request for transferring or copying a fact to another person

Too often I add a fact to a person, attach an image, attach sources, and share the fact with other persons - only to look up and see I attached the fact to the wrong person. Ugh! Currently, the only solution is to delete the fact from that person, add it to the right person and then add back all the sources, images, and shared persons. If you make a mistake and add the worng fact to a person, RM makes it easy to change to a different fact type without losing sources, shared persons or images. But transferring a fact to a different person is not now possible.

I wonder if there are others like me that would support a request for RM to provide an option to transfer a fact to another person and/or to copy a fact (with all its sources, images, and shared people) to another person. The only hiccup I see would be if one of the shared persons is the person the fact is transfered to or copied to. A warning could be given to the user in that case. I’d be willing to manually adjust shared persons after the transfer is completed.

Just to follow up - I know there are several of you that do not use the shared person feature, but prefer to add a facl/event to each person that shares the event. If RM had a ‘copy fact’ feature, you would only need to add the description, note, citations, images, etc. once, then copy the completed fact to each person who shares the event.

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My understanding that basic request has been reported to development. Most other software I have used allows for this. It can be quite helpful when used correctly as well as for the scenario you described

@rzamor1 Can you confirm copy fact has been reported to development – I am not sure about copying addition/all tags (sources/citations/media)

She already has! See Feature request - copy and paste for facts - #9 by Rwcrooks

I do not recall any specific mention if when copying facts it would include other details as the author asked… only that ‘copying facts’ was reported to developers.


Just because you don’t recall it doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. I really don’t know why you would think Renee will confirm anything other than saying it has been reported.

if you can’t show me where /where she did --then it can’t be confirmed unless she confirms it.
I was was aware she confirmed copying facts was reported but not with the details asked by the author which is why I called it out. If you can find where she confirmed that part – then she wouldn’t need to . It up to Renee to decide.

Confirming request to copy or transfer facts has been reported to development.

I feel your pain. I most often do this when I’m tooling along, adding a string of four or five census transcriptions in a series to some guy, with all the panoply of sharing and everything – only to discover at the end that last two should have been attached to his widow instead.

It’s an annoyance to move them but not really that much of a hassle. I copy the source (which is a single click), then switch over to the spouse (or whomever), create a new census event, and paste the source there. Switch back, copy the transcription out of the old text box and paste it into the new event for the spouse. Add the sharing. Go back and delete the old event from where it didn’t belong, and that’s it. I’ve done this so many times, it only takes a minute or so.

I wish to thank the developers for adding the ability to copy or move a fact from one individual to another in RM10, and for the ability to add a fact to a group. It is good to know they pay attention to our requests.