I'm wondering if there is a way to generate a report for Media References On Roots Magic 9

Hello, Everyone
I have had Roots magic for some time, however not until recently have I been working more often with this. As I have been adding media pictures. I have been taking notes writing down reference numbers I give each picture . I was wondering if there is a way to generate a media report list by reference number to my pictures ,chronology in roots magic? I did manage to find a list report of media my peoples name alphabetically. Just wondering .

Thanks, Kim

I would suggest creating a multimedia list, saving it to excel and then manipulate how you want.

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Other than Reports and Charts Multimedia List, there is:
Media->Multimedia three vertical dots menu->Print media


Thank You , I started a handwritten list good idea to have backup in computer

Thank You, I did this I couldn’t figure out how to remove a highlighted individual person, the system would only generate a printed form of the highlighted person. I did a snip and save and printed this