Multimedia List Report doesn't work

After listening to Bruce’s webinar on pictures and media, I thought the Multimedia List report would be good to see what photos I have for certain people. However, when inputting who to include in the Multimedia List report, not matter who you include, it gives multimedia list for everyone. This should be fixed.

Have you tried the “select from list” option on the dropdown list below “everyone”.
You can choose who you want.

I tried that for a specific individual and it still gives me media files for everyone. I was hoping this was a way to get a list of media for a specific individual but I guess not.

  1. Multimedia List - Settings - Include which people.
  2. image
  3. Press “Select from list”
  4. Rootsmagic Explorer will pop up - select the person(s) you want and press select.
  5. Press OK on include which people box.
  6. Generate report.
  7. Example shows multimedia for Edwin Edmonds 4805 only.

Thanks, I must have done something wrong. I’ll try again. I appreciate you looking into it for me.

Boy, I still can’t get this thing to work. It will work picking only individual media items, but I can’t pick source media items without getting my entire database. Something is wrong or I am not getting what I need to do.