How to repurpose an uploaded media item as a source

I created a media item (a census report) for a person in my tree. But since a census report also is a source, how can I get RootsMagic to recognize the report as a bona fide source? Don’t want to have to “process” the report a second time.

So exactly what do you mean by “I created a media item (s census report)”? Is this some document that you created or is it a census image that you downloaded or what? Normally I would assume it was a download images, and if it is, you can enter a Census fact for the person or persons and attach the image to that fact. You cold also create a source citiation and again just tag that image in citation.

You would open Sources screen, click the plus sign, type RESEARCH REPORT, PRIVATELY HELD into the search block (or scroll down to it or some other of your choosing), fill out the associated info about the Source, then click OK when done. Now, upon selecting and highlighting that Source by the name info you gave it… observe that the right-hand panel labeled Edit Source has a lower panel with a Media option that when the right-arrow is clicked allows You to attach the actual “media item”.

Thank you, kfunk. Yes, the census report is a downloaded image. Am new to RootsMagic. I purchased the manual for v9, but it doesn’t devote much ink to how tags operate, so your response is helpful. Tags typically are very powerful, so I need to work more with them in this software to see how well or comprehensively they function in RootsMagic.

Thanks, kbens0n. Between your counsel and kfunk’s, I should be able to make headway on this issue. Have had RootsMagic9 for just a few days and, so far, I’m liking it. Need to keep playing with it, however. I appreciate the prompt replies.