I have a maternal and a paternal tree. How can I combine them into 1 new tree

Hello, I’m a new user… I have a Maternal tree and a Paternal tree. and would like to combine the 2 trees into 1 family tree.

Back up BOTH TREES first!!! I cannot over empahsize that fact. If something goes south, or you’re not happy with the results, you’ve lost nothing but a few moments. You’ve still got the originals. Then open both trees. Drag the edge of the top screen half way across your monitor, where you can see both trees. Drag a person from one tree over to the other. It will ask if you want to merge 1 person, family, or the entire tree. Click on your selection, and it will happen. Or create a new tree with a different name, and merge both existing trees into it. Then “marry” or otherwise connect a couple, and both trees (within one) will become one. Done.

AWESOME!! Thank you, very much… I figured it was simple, but everytime I searched “combine 2 trees” it made it appear more complex than it actually is…

Your the best! Have a great sumer…

You may want to Color code each line a different color too.

I can’t improve on the answers already given. I would only suggest that you look for duplicate people after merging the two trees. There might not be very many, or indeed not any at all. But it doesn’t hurt to check.

Click the Wrench icon while in any of the People views and select Merge Duplicates. You can then set up your criteria for matching. Be aware that doing it this way, nothing will merge automatically. You get a chance to examine and to approve or disapprove each possible duplicate.


I just did this for the first time.

** Make sure to take backups of both files before playing with this feature.

#1 First I uploaded my two trees separately into Roots magic from ancestry or a GEDCOM. So I had uploaded my maternal tree, and my paternal tree.

#2 I then opened both trees in Roots magic.

#3 Files, create a new empty tree.

#4 I then dragged the root person from my maternal tree into the new tree.

  • I replied to the questions copy everybody in the database.

#5 I then went and dragged my paternal parent from my paternal tree to my new creative tree.

Now I had a new tree with my paternal and my maternal family.

#6 I then exported my new combined tree to my ancestry account. *

*Note: Important → From the main RootsMagic page I had to go into settings, hints, and click the option that states "unlink tree from ancestry before my upload would work, without a error.

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