I need help combining duplicate individuals in RootsMagic

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As I have been working on my family tree, I have noticed several examples of the same person in my database. How to combine these duplicates in the best possible way without sacrificing any crucial information and relationships is beyond me.

Is there a way for me to easily connect two or more people in RootsMagic? Are there any guidelines and protocol I should follow to ensure a smooth process?

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There are various merging options. On the People page they are on the Tools (wrench icon) menu. Manual merge works best when you already identified who to merge.

When you add a parent, spouse or child to a person you always have the option to select existing person. This will create the relationship links.

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The easiest way to initiate a manual merge of two specific people is to right click one and choose Manual Merge. As a part of the manual merge process, you will be asked to choose the other person.

The merge will not lose any data. For example, if both people have a BIrth fact that is identical, then the result after the merge will be one Birth fact. If both people have a Birth fact and the Birth facts are not identical, then the result after the Merge will be two Birth facts that are different. It will then be up to you to “merge” the birth facts by editing one of them to be the way you wish it to be and by deleting the other.

All relationship links will be retained. In fact, if you have a whole duplicate family, after merging the duplicate people you will end up with duplicate parent-child links and duplicate spouse links that you may need to unlink.

As you are doing the cleanup of a person after the Manual merge like cleaning up duplicate Birth facts if the original ones were different, also be sure to check the notes and the citations and the media links. All of these will be retained by the merge and they may also require some cleanup.

The bottom line is that no information will be sacrificed, crucial information or not. But some cleanup may be required. For example, one duplicate may have been listed as born about 1853 and the other duplicate may have been listed as born 12 Dec 1852. But the one born about 1853 may have a place of birth listed and the one born 12 Dec 1852 may not have a place of birth listed. None of that information is lost in the merge, but still you need to reconcile the information after the merge.


Make a BACKUP first.

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Thanks to all of you for giving this helpful information. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: