How do I combine / merge two (same) people in same file

Sometimes I end up with multiple same people in people list, in same file. I want to see both side by side and combine information then delete one of them. Can this be done?

Yes, you can merge two people.

In any of the People Views such as Pedigree, Family, etc. you can do a Tools => Manual Merge. The Tools icon is the one that looks like a wrench and can be found in the upper right of the screen.

While you are in the Manual Merge screen, you can edit either of the two instances of the two people to make them look the way you wish before actually doing the merge. You can also do cleanup after doing the merge.

For example, you might have one John Doe who was born “about 1848” and another John Doe who was born “22 Apr 1848”. You could change the “about 1848” to “22 Apr 1848” yourself before the merge. Or you could just go ahead and do the merge. If you just go ahead and do the merge, the merged person will have two Birth facts. You could delete the “about 1848” Birth fact, leaving the “22 Apr 1848” birth fact. So you have the choice of cleaning up before the merge, cleaning up after the merge, or doing some of the cleanup before the merge and some of the cleanup after the merge. However you do the cleanup, be sure to look at the notes and the sources, not just the basic fact information.

The merge process deletes the person you are not keeping. So you don’t have to do the delete. It’s your choice which person is kept and which is deleted. But whichever one is kept will have all the data from both of them. If you do all your cleanup before the merge, there will be no duplicate data to cleanup after the merge. Again, you have lots of choices.

Sometimes you get people who look like duplicates but who are really just the same person who has been linked multiple times to different parents or to different spouses. If you try to merge such duplicate people, the merge will not work because the duplicates are really the exact same person. In such cases, you need to clean up the duplicate links rather than cleaning up the duplicate people.

I would have the RIN displayed in case you don’t have that showing.

Thanks for taking the time to explain the merge and I am excited to try it out soon.