Two Families with the same people

I have some how ending up with two family tree’s with the same people in both the only difference is the name of the family tree’s one is marsh and the other is danson, I know it is my fault but how do I either merge them or preferably delete one without losing the contents of the remaining one. I have manual merge but nothing seems to happen when doing this. Any advice please.

It’s not clear what You mean by names of family trees (Marsh vs. Danson). RootsMagic does not name family trees (unless you are referring to separate database names). Multiple trees in a database are denoted by Start person (Tools icon - Count trees).

Automerge via Tools button or Command Palette button would typically handle all those persons with EXACT matching record data and Manual Merge for Marsh/Danson if they are the same person except for the Name difference(s).

Maybe posting a screenshot of where you are and what you’re dealing with might help?

Yes I am referring to data basis I open one ie marsh and when I open the other ie danson they are both identical as in they have the same names in them

If you’ve created two identical databases with differing names. Pick the one with the name you want to keep and do a backup. With the non-keeper open, go to File->Tools->Delete

Thank you for your help