Help RM9 stopped comms with Ancestry and Family search

Although I have Family search and Ancestry open, and signed in, on the same browser as RM9 it will not synch with either.

It asks to “complete the sign in process”. The reopen button does nothing

Help please


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What is your OS and version? What browser are you using? What version of RM?

Hi Bob,

Google Chrome
Windows 11


I don’t have Win11 but FS is implementing OAUTH to improve security. From the online Help
Family Search

Also you should completely shut down your computer and restart everything before trying this.

Also, clearing your cache in the browser settings might help this and as mentioned rebooting your computer. I hope this helps.

Issue solved, thanks

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OK, well please share how this was solved as I have the same problem (running latest RM9.1.3) under MacOS 10.14.6

A simple re-boot did it for me

Still not working for me, even with RM9.1.4. Running MacOS 10.14.6 and latest Firefox. I get the login screen, and success is acknowledged for both Ancestry and FS, but neither will connect.


Check your security software, something is blocking RM access to the internet to make that connection. We need to speak with both APIs.

Hi there, thanks very much for responding. I don’t have any security software on my Mac. Is there something else I could check?

The Mac should at least have a firewall.

The mac OS has a simple firewall but it is off by default. See Settings Network Firewall. Also consider setting the better Safari browser as the default. Firefox is definitely 3rd rate now and has several security settings that might be a problem.

Still no luck with 9.1.6, so I wont be going anywhere near RM10.
No FamilySearch or Ancestry connectivity or hints. What a waste.
Looking for another solution that works.