Get a repeating INVALID login when trying to login from RM8 to Ancestry

I can’t get the TreeShare to Ancestry connection to work. I’ve put in the right login for Ancestry. Have been logged in to Ancestry while doing it and logged out of Ancestry while trying. I have already synced FamilySearch and that one works.

When I was using the free version I could log in to Ancestry from RM8 but not with the paid one.

Now I have removed RM and downloaded it again and it still does not work.

The chats aren’t helping.
Can someone help, please?
Thank you,
Jan Amenta

Do you see the hint of color in the Ancestry logo ? FamilySearch WebHints problems - RootsMagic - RootsMagic Community

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Hi Kevin, No color on the logo.

Perhaps it is the 2-factor authorisation login requirement. You have to append the authorisation code you get by mail or SMS text to your password.

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Hi Tom, I thought that because my phone alert for Ancestry goes off, but where do I enter the code? There isn’t a place for it.

Append the code to your password with no space between them.

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Okay! Thank you. I do appreciate the help from all of you.

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Thank you for your help. I’ve been happily connecting my trees across the platforms. I must have missed the how-to login on the videos and info I read about RM8. Have a good evening.

Jan :slightly_smiling_face: