Unable to Connect with Ancestry

I have been using Roots Magic for years, with v. 7, 8, and, now 9. I never had an issue connecting with Ancestry and uploading one of my trees. The past couple of days, when I get to the Ancestry sign in window I get a “Unable to login to Ancestry” message. My Ancestry username and password are correct. I have cleaned out my cookies and the cache then rebooted. It is the same computer I’ve had for some time. It may not be relevant by I have two Roots Magic shortcut icons on my home page.
I have updated Ancestry trees to upload and cannot do it. Any help greatly appreciated.

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Have you recently turned on two-factor authentication on Ancestry? If so, append the code they send you to the end of the password, without spaces.

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Thanks for suggestion. Just checked my Ancestry settings. 2 step verification is disabled. The answer lies elsewhere. Thanks again.

In a main view use the key combo Ctrl+Shift+U and select “Reset Program Settings”. Close and reopen RM9. Go to Settings>WebHints and click on “Reset TreeShare”. Then go to Publish>Ancestry TreeShare and see if you can login. If you are using two-factor verification append the code received to the end of the password, without any spaces.

If you are still unable to login temporarily turn off your firewall, antivirus and internet filtering software to see if one of them is blocking RM9 access to the internet. Then adjust their settings.

Thank you for your follow-up and additional suggestions. When I click on the Setting icon on the left of the home page, all I get are Program and Folder settings. All other Settings are not shown. I have no idea what happened. I did not try your suggestions beyond the RM9 software suggestions. Any thoughts?

That means you do not have an open database. Open one of the files that you want to Treeshare from, then follow the instructions @rzamor1 gave.

I apologize for being so tardy in responding to rzamort and kfunk for their suggestions. It worked!! I am back in business. Thanks again for your help.

I also have this problem except I am using RM8. I have tried using the suggestions by rzamort with no success. I do not have two factor login activated on Ancestry, Any suggestions?

RM8 will no longer sign into Ancestry, and soon FamilySearch too.

On December 4, 2023 we released a blog article and email announcing Ancestry and FamilySearch’s plans to turn off the old login procedures used in RM7 & RM8. Only RM9.1 that uses the new OAuth technology that supports two-step verification would continue to work at that point.

Ancestry officially turned off the old login on December 11, 2023. RM7 and RM8 will no longer work with Ancestry. RM9.1 or higher has the new login procedure and continues to work. If you haven’t already upgraded to RM9 you will need to in order to use Ancestry. For a limited time we have a $20 special running to upgrade to RM9. Use code: UPGRADE9 in the code box on step 1 when purchasing.

You can read more about it here - Important: Upgrade to RootsMagic 9 to continue using FamilySearch and Ancestry features – RootsMagic Blog

Thanks very much for the info. As I am in the UK, I will contact the RM seller here and see if they have the same offer!

I’m in the UK too but bought the licence from .com without issue given there were no discounts on .co.uk.