FamilySearch WebHints problems

I use Windows 10 Home and recently upgraded to RM8.
I enabled FamilySearch WebHints several days ago, including User Name and Password, and I’m not getting any hints. Any ideas?

Is the Family Search Central icon (lower left corner) white (not signed in) or does it have a little color in it (to indicate you’re actually logged in - green by default) ?

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I am having the same problem. I click on webhints and nothing happens.

Thank you for the responses. Under General Settings, there is a check box to Enable FamilySearch support. I checked that and the WebHints started working. Seems odd that one has to Enable FamilySearch support on one screen, then Enable FamilySearch WebHints on another screen, but that’s what worked for me.

I have all those checked and still have no luck getting webhints.

I also changed my FamilySearch password at some point. There’s no good reason for that to work, but it wouldn’t hurt anything.

I just this minute logged in to both FS and Anc. Neither icon changed colour; is it the actual logo that changes colour, or is it the background of the logo?