WebHints not appearing

I am not getting any WebHints. I’m not certain when this began, but for the past 2-3 days at least, no WebHints have been available for anyone in my database.
A blue icon appears by the name (in the ‘Person’ screen), but when the cursor is moved to the icon, the pop-up appears stating ‘0’ WebHints and ‘0’ Problem Alerts. The FamilySearch reference # does appear. This is true for everyone I have tried in my database.
I have gone into the ‘Settings’ ‘WebHint Settings’ and everything appropriate is checked – WebHints…‘Enable WebHints’ is checked; the same for Ancestry (‘Enable Ancestry WebHints’) and Family Search (Enable FamilySearch WebHints). I do not have FindMyPast or MyHeritage checked as I do not use them. The password for FamilySearch is accurate. I ‘Reset TreeShare’.
After verifying all this, I logged out of RM8, then logged back in with no change (2ce actually).

Am I missing anything? What am I missing?

I should add that all updates have been accepted, and I am using the latest Windows.


This is strange (to me)…
After poking around in every menu on every screen… and then some… I now have a mess of WebHints.
I have no idea what happened, or why whatever happened, or whatever I apparently did, but I have WebHints now.
And it only took me about 15-20 minutes of mindlessly wandering through all the settings.