Geocode missing

I am quite new to RM9 and I search these forums but was unable to see any answers to this question.

I ran an Enhanced Property List which shows I have one place not geocoded, see screenshot;

But in terms of geocodes, I thought I may have missed geocoding a place so I scrolled through all my places list showing place, latitude and longitude and every place had been geocoded. I also ran the ‘Geocode all places’ options a few times but nothing appeared.

I was confused as to not being able to find this place with a geocode so I ran a Place List report but all of these also had latitude and longitude.

How do I work out what place is missing a geocode?

It’s NONE of yours. A completely new blank database has one place not geocoded (apparently one of the 194 temples provided by RootsMagic itself)?


It’s the temple code OTHER. I’ll see if we can put a fake geocode in there or something so it doesn’t cause confusion.

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