Places/Temples in RM9

RM Have been trying to tidy up my database in various aspects, including Places.

When I run an Enhanced Properties List, under Places it shows 182 Temples. It also shows 4612 Places and 4430 places not geocoded. (The difference between places & places not geocoded is 182 - the same as temples).
I have not geocoded any places and have not added any temples - I guess that is an LDS thing.
I do not use FamilySearch central.
I do not see a list of temples anywhere or the associated geocoding.

It is possible that in a previous version of RM I may have experimented with FamilySearch, but not that I can recall!

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to why this has happened?

I also notice that if I run the LDS list report, it shows a whole bunch of people as “qualified” as respects baptism etc. Is that an automatic thing in the background of RM.


It sounds like you are using RM as a member of the LDS Church if you are seeing LDS specific properties for people and those can come from FamilySearch Family Tree. Nonetheless, the LDS Temples are part of the OEM Place List and are geocoded.

Even if you uncheck all LDS and FamilySearch options and Webhints (.etc.), the Temples are “built-in” Places. FamilySearch Central and its associated FamilySearch Person Tools are also always integrated to the program. Any “already-matched” individuals are remembered, too.

Tom, thanks - not using RM as a member of the LDS, but as I said I possibly experimented in the past and that it is the legacy of that.

kbens0n, that explains it. Many thanks.