Sharing information with Family Search

I am having issues with the LDS ordinances being seen in ROOTS MAGIC but not shown on the Family Search side?

Are the ordinances showing on the website? If the person is living you won’t see them.

No these are some thing weird. Ordinances show with their completion dates and Temple abbreviations in Roots Magic but do not show as completed ordinances on the Family Search side?? Someone thinks it may be a cookie issue, others say I have a problem because I use Fire Fox but I am not well versed in Google??

The browser shouldn’t effect how you are seeing the ordinances inside RM. Are you saying you can’t see the ordinances on the website in any browser. If so, sounds like they just aren’t there.


I can see the ordinances on the Roots magic side of the exchange area. The people I am concerned about are dead. What is happening is that when I compare the ordinances from RM to FS I see nothing on the FS side except unavailable in darker script. If I go into Share data and exchange information sometimes it will clear up and the FS side data will appear but not always. I really want to get this cleared up since there are many?

What type of data are you exchanging? If the ordinance tab hasn’t loaded it will be blank. If it says unavailable then there is an issue with standardized dates or places. When the person is then updated it now makes their ordinances available to be done. Next time it happens give me the FSID so I can check it out.


Somehow we are not on the same page just yet. All these ordinance have largely been completed and the dates and temple abbreviations are shown on my RM data sheet. FS shows unavailable even though the ordinances have been completed. Thanks for staying with me on this. So many others have not stayed with it long enough to give me any assistance. MY FS helper number is 60991 if that is useful.

Here is a first sample. Ada in my Roots Magic has no surname. In FS she is GM2Y-PKN. Her father is Englebert Haas GM2Y-K7P. Her Mother is Mary Schlect GM2Y-D9L. In RM I see all the temple ordinances but the only ‘official’ one is FS? I done understand why it isnt showing. I believe that there is a lock that wont show the official ordinances if there is a difference between the two sheets. I have gone through data sharing and made them the same and suddenly the ordinances show in FS. You can download them into RM but you cant do it the other way. Ordinance aren’t allowed to be sent up to FS like other information as long as you explain why.

FamilySearch isn’t looking at what’s in your database so having ordinances or not in RM won’t make any difference in what they are sending us to display. What could make a difference is a change in the FSID that you are linked to. Especially, if these are older ordinances and duplicates have been merged. It’s possible when you are updating that it is changing that FSID inside RM. You would need to track what FSID you’re linked to and what “Show on FamilyTree” opens with.

The examples FSIDs were not good ones because you’ve already reserved their ordinances. Find someone that shows “unavailable” when you first open them and before you make any changes to their records on FamilySearch.


This may be good advice but you haven’t explained how I can look up or change a FSID? How can I select between several FSID for one person especially on multiple merges or aberrant spellings? There are scores of other people who have reserved ordinance amongst my FS ancestry and other records that have been deleted or changed over the years. I’m getting older and would really like to get these records so that the ordinances that have been completed REGARDLESS OF THE FSID can be transferred into my RM data so that I can feel that my RM ordinance information is as accurate as I can make it. Amongst almost all the older records there are multiple changes, deletions, and merges done by others that muddy up this issue if it is as you say?

As long as the old FSID was not deleted, but only merged on FamilySearch, it should update the FSID after visiting the person. Open them in the FamilySearch Person Tools then display someone else, come back to them and the new FSID should appear. If you need to UnMatch them you can click on that button on the Share Data tab then on the Find Matches tab find the person to link them to. If you have duplicates there you can check their box next to the possible match and review the match to merge them.

Thanks Renee,

On over several hundred of these when I try to merge them i receive the message you cannot merge these individuals because one has been deleted? This is not the first time FS has stymied me and is the reason I went with Roots Magic and abandoned the FS trees as my first resource. Now I have this problem that I would like to resolve to make my RM data as accurate as possible but a recent cardiac diagnosis of SADS doesn’t leave me that much time for corrections. Thanks for your assistance. I will focus on spending my time improving the data of the things I can do quickly without getting bogged down trying to fix a FS glitch on 3,000 of my records. Thanks for your time and assistance. Rick

Do you have any research blocks on your lines? Perhaps I can return the favor? I don’t believe in coincidences.

On the ones that won’t merge you will need to UnMatch and then Match them to the correct FSID.

Whenever I discover that I had ordinances recorded in RootsMagic that does not show on FamilySearch Family Tree, I contact FSFT and explain completely the difference, listing names, birth dates, FSFT number, exact ordinances with appropriate temple and dates. Each time they responded and were able to verify my information and corrected their records. Begin at “Help” on FSFT.

Thanks. I’ll try sending them a copy of the share page if that’s possible.