LDS and Family Search

Not sure if this is expected so excuse my lack of Knowledge regarding LDS / RM & Fam Search Central.
I have and do use Family Search without any issues.

Per the RM wiki (with LDS turned on) should like below

I had LDS turned off on current db and then turned on tonight.
I also tried close out of RM and logging back into Fam Search – but nothing extra appeared with my DB
however no new buttons … is this expected?

:LDS is turned on


If not expected was wondering if it had to do with the last 2 updates related to Oauth.


I can’t reproduce this using 9.1.3. Are you signed in with an account that has ordinances enable on FamilySearch? What sign-in method are you using?

Sorry as I previously mentioned… never used LDS before.
I do not remember enabling on Fam Search (nor know where that option is – so that is probably it).

Is there a guide or video of how to use LDS with RM?


Surely, if you aren’t a member of the church and with the appropriate sign-in, you won’t see those extra items. (I’m not.) I would have thought that what you are seeing is what the ‘ordinary user’ of FS should see.

If your FamilySearch account won’t let you see Ordinances on the FamilySearch website you won’t see them in RM. The only way to enable that on FamilySearch is to enter your church membership number.

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