FamilySearch Feature

Why doesn’t my RM8 FamilySearch feature reflect recently completed LDS temple ordinances? I’ve checked a few ancestors that have had ordinances completed over the past month (reflected on the FamilySearch website) but the ordinance data has not been updated in RM8. I’ve tried the Refresh button with no success.

Not sure if you are referring to the status icons, appearing in the What’s New list or after updating and adding the ordinances to RM.

To appear on the What’s New list you need to login to FamilySearch Central and just leave it open, don’t do anything else in the program, even opening anything off of FSC. If FamilySearch is sending the information you will see the counts change. The status icons should change with it. Sometime FamilySearch will turn this feature off in the FT API if they have heavy demand on their website.

If you can give me some more info on where you are seeing the problem I can give you a better answer.