RM 10 mac bug Uncoded geocode places

after gecode all places you get a list of uncoded places. the 1st place is selected but the accept button is greyed out. you have to click the selected item to activate the accept button. then repeat for hundreds of such items.
reported to tech support but told that’s the way it is and the developers must have had a good reason.

Out of curiosity is that different than RM9? Have you tried on Windows? I could maybe give it a shot has I’m testing an issue on both RM9.1.6, RM 9.1.3 on Mac OS and have both 9 and 10 installed on WIndows.

Sorry, that sounded like bad support to me. What you reported is actually an issue, and I can confirm it has been reported to development. The highlight is there but the item is not selected, that is why you need to click on it again.

Might help support if Windows has the same issue. Never used this feature in RM9 so can’t say if it is just a RM10 issue.

When I installed RM10 there was no choice to replace RM9 and I ended up with both. Since they share some files you cannot really uninstall one without risk to the other. I uninstalled both as completely as possible and then did a fresh RM10 install.

The issue is in the Windows version also, and was at least in 9.