GEDCOM file from RootsMagic to Findmypast and Ancestry

I can export a GEDCOM file from RootsMagic but cannot find a way to input the file into Findmypast or Ancestry. Does anyone know the procedure to accomplish this?

Don’t know about FindMyPast but on Ancestry, log into Ancestry and in the upper left will be a menu with Home, Trees, Search, etc. Click Trees and select the option to ‘Create and Manage Trees’. On the next screen will be a place to upload a GED file.

On FMP go to Family Tree > Import a Tree > Upload your GEDCOM

Uploading a GEDCOM to Ancestry won’t connect the database to the tree in RM. It also won’t include the media. You would want to use Ancestry TreeShare under Publish to upload to Ancestry. With Findmypast the only option is to upload a GEDCOM.


Thanks Ken - that worked just fine - Mervyn Buckingham

Thanks Fiona - that worked well - Mervyn Buckingham

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Thanks for the advice - Mervyn Buckingham