RM 8 and Ancestry

Thinking it was me I deleted my Ancestry tree. All of it. After several attempts reloading a gedcom I finally got one loaded to Ancestry. My original problem was getting information from RM 8 loaded to Ancestry. RM 8 won’t upload. Even when showing only changes I still get problems uploading. Last night I did a compare with Ancestry. Conclusion: Ancestry is definitely not working with RM 8. I have found that Geneanet is a better system. Has anybody figured out how to get RM 8 and Ancestry working properly?

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Unfortunately my experience with a small 370 person file shows that RM8 can’t upload a gedcom with media and perhaps much else too.

You could loading your gedcom into RM7 or better yet FTM 2019. The latter has no problem uploading to ancestry and it’s data structure is much closer than rootsmagic’s. Can’t ancestry upload a gedcom directly bypassing the buggy RM8?

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Unfortunately, a gedcom wasn’t meant to upload media. Never has and I suspect never will. Geneanet has their own system that includes a gedcom. They also have their own app. You download the app and then connect to your gedcom. It does it all. It also includes media files. The only problem is the system is for European research. Using ancestry means upload a gedcom and then tag or link media. That to me is double entry.

You don’t say whether you are a) new to RootsMagic and b) whether you are using a MAC OS or Windows OS. It has been many a month since I uploaded a new tree to Ancestry, but it was done with RM8 on a Windows OS with no trouble at all. Have you uploaded a new tree from RM7 previously using TreeShare and understood the process? Have you contacted Support?

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FTM has no problem uploading media to or from Ancestry. This is a RM8 issue on Mac OS. Not surprised that it apparently works on windows since RM8 came from there.

FTM also came from ‘there’. Ok, so it came from the PC side since there were DOS versions but I am not sure they predate Windows or not.

Actually the recently released GEDCOM 7 standard is supposed to have the ability to better handle media, so don’t say never. I don’t know the ins and outs of it because the GEDCOM docs are a really snoozer and I haven’t managed to make it all the way through.

DOS predates windows since it was the underpinnings when Gates launched his half baked OS in the early 80’s.

FTM did start on the dark side but after ancestry dumped it and their customers, MacKiev picked it up and reworked it into a good mac version and a functional windows one. MK is a mac shop and I get the sense that windows users are less happy than mac users with FTM.