Ancestry upload with media

current rm8 still cannot upload a tree to ancestry if media are included. It bombs due to a timeout error saying not loged in but are still logged in.
small file: 370 people 500 media. Upload speed ~4MBs.

upload wo media also bombs now but after send error report starts up again. Then bombs again but tree seems to be there. Access violation error and have to quit and restart program. Get repeated “cannot log into ancestry” popups but once cleared are logged in. Still getting repeated access violations errors doing famsear auto match.
Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 10.21.27 AM

Download from Ancestry to new RM8 also bombs several times with not logged in error and then resumes once you hit return. Am of course logged in.

Tried upload with media again using another file of 30 people. It got to 90% then error. Then to 95% and error. Then finally locked up with error report. Mac simply cannot upload to a new tree of any size if media are included.

Has anybody successfully achieved this?

I was able to upload a file with 1133 people, and 241 media items to Ancestry on my Mac. It did get the Error logging into Ancestry twice while uploading, but clicking OK and it continued.