Working with FindMyPast

I have trees on FindMyPast as well as Rootsmagic 10. When I pick up hints in FindMyPast it is very easy to add several new pieces of info on those trees which means my Rootsmagic trees are out of sync and it is tricky to remember all the changes I have made. . Is there any way I can readily update Rootsmagic to match the FindMyPast trees?

No, not without manually entering the data. Sites like FMP and MyHeritage have not provided Rootsmagic with an API so the program can exchange data with their system.


Keeping a FindMyPast tree and an RM database in sync is a totally manual process. The reason is that FindMyPast does not provide a tool which allows software such as RM to exchange data with it. MyHeritage is another site which does not provide such a tool that can be used by RM. The sites that do provide such tools are FamilySearch and Ancestry. As a result, it is possible for RM to exchange data with those sites, but not with FindMyPast or MyHeritage.


Thanks for your quick responses. I had feared that would be the case but I was hoping there may be some kind of GEDCOM type solution. Looks like I am left with a bit of a mess to sort out.

Well, RM can import and export GEDCOM as a manual process. But you would have to do the work of reconciling differences in RM and FindMyPast after any GEDCOM export and import. I’m not familiar with FindMyPast’s abilities to work with GEDCOM import and export.


Not within the RM interface for what understand you looking for.
there are some potential workaround outside of RM, involving exporting GEDCOMS to multiple databases and then syncing them. You would have to be an advanced program with knowledge and understanding of database structure etc. It would still be hard to program what changes to accept or not accept. TreeShare API that work for FamilySearch and Ancestry does a decent job but unfortunately only for those two.

If you can export a gedcom from FindMyPast-- you could use Compare databases once you import the gedcom into a new RM database ( just make sure you have a slightly different name on the new database)-- this would allow you to pick up new people BUT NOT sure it would pick up new facts for a person-- just something you need to try once…

as @nkess said – something to experiment – make sure you have multiple backups in you have undesired results.



Thanks. I’ll give it a go and I will exercise the caution you advise.

Thanks to all for help. I managed to download a gedcom from FindMyPast and used Compare databases. As you suspected it did not pick up new facts. I am now doing it the hard way; comparing the tree on Find My Past alongside my RM tree. This has been a valuable lesson not to get carried away with hints in Find My Past without updating RM as I proceed.