Keeping tree synced with online source

In the past, I made my changes to my tree online (Ancestry) or using FTM. I would then sync them. Now, with RM, it’s a bit different but I understand… and like. My question is my tree on MyHeritage. I see the site promotes RM and RM promotes them too. Is there something in RM that allows me to keep that tree updated also?

No! MyHeritage does not provide RM with an API to automagically exchange data. You are pretty much limited to exporting a RM GEDCOM and importing that to MyHeritage.

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Thanks for the response. I was guessing that would be the answer but I just wasn’t sure.

Or simply do the necessary updates manually.
If you have your (and other kits you manage) DNA linked to a tree on MyHeritage (or Ancestry for that matter) importing another tree by whatever means and deleting the old will ruin all the DNA links and impact on MyH the Theories of Relativities which only start from scratch very very irregularly. So NOT recommended particuarly on MyH.
Ancestry will also need DNA tests to be re-linked as well, but are a lot faster at recreating their ThruLine HINTS.
I have trees out or synch with each other all over the web having decided many many years ago that there simply weren’t enough hours in any day / week / year to even bother trying to keep everything consistent everywhere. As long as my main database on my computer was still the master compilation of all my data and sources.

That is great advice. I did re-upload my tree on MyHeritage but that was one I had neglected for years. It was about 9,000 names short. I will use your advice and update my Ancestry tree one at a time.