Filter a list by is related to

Hi, is there a way to filter a list by everyone who died in a place and is related to a specified person. I want to filter out all the siblings of spouses so I can focus on those I am related to. I know about the kinship list but mine is over 400 pages long.

Create a group or do color coding. Highlight specified person. Choose Mark button → everyone in person’s tree. Then choose Unmark button → by Data Fields->Death Place is not nameofplace.

I tried your method. It did not work. It resulted in a group with no members. I have been using the who was there report and search for those with a death date. I am no related to most people in the report and it will take me a long time to sort through them all.

Sorry, I said “Highlight specified person” and should have said “Checkmark specified person”.

I did get this to work, except that it’s Death Place Does Not Contain

However, being in the same tree as a person is not quite the same as being related to the person. It’s the closest you can do in RM because there is no real test for being related to somebody.

I did check the person. I will experiment with it some tomorrow.

Thanks, I will keep trying to get it to work.