Features that may or may not be working

Would it be possible to get a list of current features in the program that are not operable yet? i.e. drag photo doesn’t work, ANC web hints don’t work ( I want web hints for my current data- I am not going to DL a new tree or any of the supposed work arounds mentioned here)


There is no list put out by RootsMagic that I know of. Others may have made lists in the other RM forum.

If you want Ancestry web hints, then you need to have your database tied to an Ancestry tree. If your current RM file is connected to the wrong tree, it is going to give you the hints based on that tree. Your ONLY option is to break the link to Ancestry and TreeShare up your current information. This is not a workaround, this is done by design. If you chose not to do this, you’re simply will not get hints based on your current data if it is different from the Ancestry tree.

Same tree as it was in RM7. Software won’t allow me to sign in to Ancestry anyway.

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Are you getting access violation errors?

My tree is currently not syncing and I get access violation errors. I have submitted the issue using the ‘Technical Support’ link on the home page of RM8. I’ve read posts from another user with the same issue.

Thus, I would suggest using the Technical Support link to submit the issue.

v8.0.1 fixed the Ancestry connection problem.