Familysearch download log

Hi is it possible to a log file of all the people and their relationship for a download of familysearch into RM please

Publish > All Reports and Charts > Kinship List

@paharry adding that you would have to set (or reset) “Set Relationships” to each person for the kinship to show the intended results.

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Thanks but I want really like to get person and relationship as I download my family tree from

Unless I am misunderstanding you – there really isn’t any sofware (that I have seen) that does a live update of relationships as you import FamSearch People. You can use the View Relationship on FamSearch and if you have an account it will tell you if/how a person is related to you.

The data as I understand what you mean simply is not there for either side to process the combined info.
Relationship calculation do require some processing depending on path and if multiple path and so on.

All info is already being displayed. As rootsmagic downloads the tree from familysearch a popup box informs you of each individual name and their relationship being processed. I just want this info to be output to a text log file at the same time [along preferably with the family search Id] . All the info is already being displayed . I just want the option to send it a log file

A log file for the download of people from FamilySearch Family Tree is not now provided by RM9 so that is a request for an enhancement. Why do you think you need that?

RM does output something like a log for GEDCOM imports although it is mainly a log of problems it encountered with data structures for which it has no support. Likewise, there is no log for TreeShare downloads or imports of any other kind.

Set Relationships would give the same information you are seeing on the FamilySearch Import. You would need to set it to the same focus person used in the import. The Kinship List would give a printed version of it.

Thanks for the replies but unfortunately with my 80k family hits a limit