Family Group Sheet

Apologies if I’ve missed this request if it’s already been posted.
When you get to working on the Family Group Sheet reports, please add the occupation to each line that refers to it, and the witness names or other subsidiary lines that link in. Examples on the attached RM7/RM8 image show missing witness (‘Informant’ is a private fact, matching ‘Witness’), occupation, and cause of death.

Thanks, Jonathan

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Thanks for pointing this out. I hope it gets sorted soon too.

Is the Description field for the Occupation fact type enabled for output to reports?

If I add an Occupation, a table comes up that includes Date, Place and Description all given a Yes. Is this what you mean? The descriptions are included in the output.
Cheers, Jonathan

No, I mean in the Fact Type List, opened by clicking the 3 dots options button on the People page and selecting “Fact type list”.

See Fact Types - RootsMagic Wiki

However, it may be unfinished development business. I haven’t checked to see.

I assume this tick means it is, so it may–as you say–be unfinished business.
Thanks, Jonathan


I’ve just confirmed I see the same shortcoming.

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