Improvements to Witness Feature

Hi All,
I understand the caveats with using witnesses for facts and using them is a personal preference. But, I sure would like to see a little more functionality around them.
*It would be nice to be able to find where a witness for a particular fact type was used. Example, I used “bridesmaid” and “groomsman” for roles, but would now like to change it to “wedding party”.
*It would be nice to be able to use the witness status in the search. For example: "Show me people who have a census fact or are witnesses to a census fact in 1850 in New York. "
*Show all principals or witnesses to any events in a certain area (this would potentially help me with my friends, associates and neighbors work for certain family members)

It doesn’t seem like this would be too big of a request. Even a little more functionality along these lines would make the feature much more useful.


Hear, hear! Join the throng of demonstrators who have raised these placards over the last 12? years.