Family Group Sheet missing census(family) events

Census(family) events do not appear for children in a Family Group Sheet. Non-family Census events appear as expected, as do census events shared from a person not actually included in the FGS. To reproduce the problem:
– Create a family with a father, mother, and at least one child
– For the child, create a Census(family) event
– Select the father or mother and publish the FGS
– Note that the Census(family) event is not included in the FGS
– Note that a Census event that is shared with the child’s spouse IS included in the FGS.

That isn’t broken, that is the way things work. Census(family) only applies to the couple (parents).

Sorry guys BUT evidently I am NOT understanding what you are saying as my results shows
Census FAMILY Events for the father and the kids it was shared with ( 3 of them) BUT NOT the mother in my TEST database ( and yes some of my facts are kind of screwy)…


Doesn’t matter if I use CURRENT FAMILY or go in and pick the person-- it comes out the same…

I went in and made a 2nd Family Census for son Thomas, his wife and kids in 1881- even marked it as PRIMARY-- and it does NOT show on the Above Family Group Sheet-- just the census with Mom and Dad BUT BOTH show when I do a FGS for Tom and Family ( but HAD TO close the file or save the fact to get it to do that)…

Appears that if you have 2 FAMILY census facts for the same year, you are only going to get one on the child-- no matter which is primary-- may depend on which was created 1st–don’t know…

So a few things you MIGHT CHECK—

  2. If the father was married more than once, make sure you have the right family ( mother) selected…

I suspect that this is a correct statement. You example is not what the original poster stated. From your hard to read images, you have shared a Census(Fam) event from parent to child. The OP didn’t say anything about sharing said event. They stated that they added the Census(Fam) event to a kid, which of course is not going to include the parents. The Census(Fam) event would only apply to the kid and his/her spouse so one wouldn’t reasonably expect it to show on the parents FGS.

I’m not following all the permutations of what people have tried and what worked and what didn’t work. But I would suggest the following.

You should think of the Census (family) fact type like you think of the Marriage fact type. It basically only applies to the the couple.

You can share the Census (family) fact type with the children if you wish. The fact type already has a Witness role that you can use so you don’t have to add such role. But the Witness role is not shared with the children automatically. If you wish to enter your census data in this manner, then you will need to share the Census (family) with each of the children.

The Witness sentence for the children will appear in the timeline in Narrative reports for each of the children. The Census (family) sentence will not appear in the timeline in Narrative reports for either of the parents as individuals. Rather the Census (family) sentence will appear in a separate timeline in narrative reports that’s for the couple collectively. That is the same timeline in narrative reports that typically contains facts such as Marriage and Divorce.

I don’t know how any of these things look in a Family Group Sheet.

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OK. I understand that this behavior is a design decision. However, IMO there should be no distinction between a Census(family) event and a Census event shared with the spouse. Again IMO, Census(family) is merely a shortcut for a shared Census event and should be treated the same way.

Just to be clear, what goes into the “design decision” not only includes the consideration about their procedure/presentation in RM function/display/reports, but additionally what works within the constructs of the GEDCOM standard for exchange/compatibility with other programs.

Census (Fam) is a GEDCOM 5.5.1 construct that is restricted to Husband and Spouse in its definition.

It really isn’t the case that Census (family) is merely a shortcut for a shared Census event that can be treated the same way. I would repeat that Census (family) is not a shared event at all.

Census (family) is like Marriage and Divorce which also are not shared events. Marriage and Divorce are not shared with each spouse. Marriage and Divorce are not shared at all. Rather, a new structure called a family is created and one and only one Marriage fact or one and only one Divorce fact is assigned to the family. I think the term “family” in this case should be “couple” because it does not include the children. It’s pretty standard throughout genealogy software to call this structure a family rather than calling it a couple. But it’s still just a couple.

So the data model is that you can have individual events like Birth or Death assigned to individuals. You can have couple events like Marriage or Divorce or Census (family) assigned to couples. And either type of event can be shared with individuals. For example, a Marriage event could be shared using the role of FlowerGirl with the young girl who served as the flower girl at the wedding. But the Marriage event itself is not shared with the couple. Rather, a structure called a family is created and the Marriage event is assigned to the family.

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