Error message on trying to generate any report

Using latest version of RM8 on a Win11 system, I get an error message (can’t create temp pdf file, some type of access problem) whenever I try to create any type of report. My database passes all 4 file checks, is located on my local computer (not on the cloud), and does it even after restarting the computer. I’ve even reinstalled RM8. I’ve reloaded several backups and it still does it.

Sounds like antivirus protection kicking in. Are you running one? If so, figure out how to exclude RootsMagic from its monitoring.

You’re right. It’s trying to write a pdf file to a temp folder. Temp folder is read only. I’ve tried every trick to remove the attribute that I’ve found on the internet so far. I’ve tried turning off my anti-virus and still can’t change the attribute. I’m stumped so far. I’ve even deleted RM and reinstalled it.

Settings → Folder Settings → Report folder
should contain a path. Least trouble-free is a folder location outside of your Program Files, My Documents, etc. I have all those Folder Settings paths in c:\RMdata\RM8 (eg. you’d have to create the folder first)

Thanks for the tip. I figured that would solve it. So I created an c:\RM8data folder and specified that in the folder settings as you suggested. I even shutdown the computer and restarted to make sure the path was correct in the settings. It was. Upon generating a report, it still is trying to write the pdf file to my user\appdata\local\temp folder as it was before! Maybe is there a settings file that is corrupted or something? I’m stumped where it is getting the folder location from.

Well, all user settings for the RM program can be reset via the key combination Ctrl+Shift+U

Did the report features “used to work” for you? If your antivirus is anything other than Windows-own security feature, then it will be prudent to explicitly set RootsMagic to be excluded from within your antivirus program. You may have thought you were turning it off, but some antivirus “services” may have still been running in the background.

I can create and save report files with no problem. I have the “Report Folder” setting blank in the settings.
I create the report and it displays on my screen OK, I then click the 'Save" Icon, I get the usual Windows requester coming up asking me where I want to save the file, I select the folder and click OK. It saves OK.

If I have a folder specified in the “Report Folder” settings, it defaults to that folder and then saves OK.

Try copying a file to the folder from Windows Explorer to see if that works. or use a folder under c:/users/folder name/my documents/

I am on the latest version of RM8 and Windows 11 Pro.

Yes, your system operates the way it should and the way mine used to operate. I can manually copy files to both the temporary file that RM8 uses by default and the new one I’ve created. That tells me that my folders are not read only as I thought. There seems to be some other reason I’m getting access faults. I’ve tried Administrator mode and also putting the RM8 exe file in my antivirus exclusion list. Still get the problem.

Thanks for getting back to me. Reports used to work fine. I put RM8 folder in the exclusions list of my antivirus. Still have the problem. Did the Ctrl-Shift-U reset but that did not solve the problem. I also did an uninstall/reinstall that did not solve the problem.

Also, for what it’ worth, I still have RM7 installed and its report generator works fine still.

Longshot … Is it a permissions setting in Microsoft Edge that is causing the problem. (PDF’s open in Edge by default on my PC now)

My Win11 default for pdf is Adobe Acrobat. Just checked it.

I’ve experimented with different ways of turning off my antivirus and now it works. It appears that just disabling my antivirus automatically turns on Windows firewall. Need both off.

Guys, thanks for your help.

Good News. I would try and find out what is blocking the save in you Anti-Virus as I would not recommend leaving yourself totally unprotected.

Good idea. I would only turn off antivirus for the couple of minutes to make reports. I don’t do it very often.

I wonder if the RM PDF writer is being seen as something other than RM and that is why exempting RM alone in anti virus settings is insufficient. The developers use code modules or services from third parties. But that alone does not account for your uncommon problem which suggests an issue with your a-v setup.

On startup of RM8, it creates 6 files in the folder → user\appdata\local\temp

The .MH files continue to be created and if a report is initiated a short time later, the .PDF file appears

Thanks for the info. I wonder why my antivirus prevented the pdf from going there and not the others.

Your post got me to go exploring into the guts of my antivirus setup and I found RM was listed as a ransomware threat. I removed it and the report generator worked until it started to write the pdf. Then my antivirus popped up a warming and it was trying to write and did I wish to block it or allow it. If I ignored the warning box for 15 seconds, it went ahead and listed it to the blocked programs list. I clicked allow and the program worked normally. I must have ignored the warning box or been distracted one time and the screwed up the program.

Thanks for getting me to look! But there is something in RM that is causing the antivirus to not like it .I’m using Avast antivirus and it’s anti-ransomware module is the one involved.