"Unexpected Error Object Lock Not Owned" in RM8

Help! When trying to use publish to create narrative report I get the above Access Violation error report.

Do you get that error consistently, even after restarting RM? Also on a different database?

I just downloaded a small tree from Ancestry and was able to create a narrative report from it.

Do you consistently get the error on the database which first gave the error? If so, then it is an ideal candidate to submit to RM Inc Tech Support to resolve. Either there is a data element or pattern that stimulates the error and the code may be fixed to be immunised from it or it is so unlikely and rare that there is a data fix that can be done.

Yes, consistently. I deleted the tree from RM8, restarted my computer and downloaded the tree again from Ancestry. Still getting the same error message when trying to create a narrative report plus now I’ve gotten an additional Runtime error 217 at 004F1D30.

I’ve had no luck being able to access RM’s online support. Any suggestions?

I really appreciate your help! Thank you.

RootsMagic Support > Submit a request

They are reportedly swamped. You could try an email to support@rootsMagic.com to start a discussion. Wait for a reply with a ticket number.

Thank you. I did as you suggested. I’m wondering if I should uninstall RM8 and then reinstall it and try again. Do you think this might work to solve this problem?


No harm in trying but I doubt it will help. You could share your database file with someone else to see if it is indeed the database which triggers the error.